Academic Administration Services

This section of the website contains information about the services to students which are provided by Academic Administration Services, based in Edinburgh Building.

Academic Appeals

The procedure, and application form, for Academic Appeals can be accessed from here.

If you require further advice please contact Fiona Jackson on 0191 515 2941 or via email

Complaints Procedure

The Student Complaints Procedure can be accessed from here.


The University has three main examination periods:

  • January
  • May/June and
  • September.

Examination timetables are formulated and published by Academic Administration Services based in room 216, Edinburgh Building on the Chester Road Campus, and are passed out to faculties for circulation to staff and students.

By using the links below you will have access to:

Graduation Ceremonies

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Parchments (Certificates)

For information on how to obtain a replacement parchment click here and general information regarding the printing and despatch of  University parchments click here.

Academic Administration Services Contact Details

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