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September 2017 Examinations

(Tuesday 29th August 2017 - Friday 8th September 2017) - Timetable is available now - September 2017 Exam Timetable


You must email exams@sunderland.ac.uk by 4th August 2017 if you have an exam clash.


Timetables on this site are the definitive version and are updated on a daily basis. If there is any discrepancy between the information shown in these timetables and information  given to you either verbally or on another website please contact Sarah Preece, Graduations Lead Co-ordinator on 0191 515 2091 or via email exams@sunderland.ac.uk for clarification.

Please note:
It is your responsibility to check for changes to your examination timetable. Changes are shown in red.

If you discover you have a clash on your timetable (two exams running at the same time) you should contact exams@sunderland.ac.uk  (tel 0191 515 2091) as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be put in place. 


NCTJ examinations

 NCTJ logo 

 If you have any NCTJ queries, please contact Amy Callaghan on 0191 515 2637 or amy.callaghan@sunderland.ac.uk



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