External Examiners

External examiners are an essential part of the University's quality assurance mechanism and are appointed to all approved courses.

The role of the external examiner is to provide assurance to the University that its assessment system is fair and operated equitably, and to ensure comparability of the University's standards with those in peer institutions.


Information for External Examiners


Published list of External Examiners

Access to lists of current External Examiners


External Examiner Reports

External Examiner reports are published for information for students and staff.

As indicated in the Quality Assurance Agency's Quality Code on External Examining, it is not appropriate for any student to attempt to contact one of the University's External Examiners directly.

If students have issues of concern, please raise them through the normal processes of feedback, discussion with staff or your student representative, Student-Staff Liaison Committee, or if necessary the Student Complaints Procedure or Academic Appeals Procedure.


Contact Details

Jessica Dodd
Quality Manager

Telephone: 0191 515 2063
Email: external-examiners@sunderland.ac.uk


Sam Booth-Malone
Quality Officer

Telephone: 0191 515 2515
Email: external-examiners@sunderland.ac.uk

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