Section 6.2 of the HEAR will show other activities outside your curriculum, which have been verified by the University. The University has defined a wide range of achievements which it intends to capture and report on in the HEAR, all of which help enhance your employability and skills. In the future, we may add activities to this list.

As your HEAR is produced, you will have the right to ask for any particular achievement to be dropped from your HEAR if you do not wish it to appear there.

The achievements that the University will include in the HEAR are:

  • Being a student representative
  • Being a student Ambassador
  • Holding office in the Student Union
  • Holding office in a sports club or society
  • Volunteering (where you have volunteered through an opportunity made available by the University on Opportunities Online)
  • Working on an internship or paid project arranged by the University and outside your programme of study
  • Engagement with the Futures Programme (the University’s programme of employability and skills development, including masterclasses, enterprise education, mentoring and CV and interview preparation)
  • Being nominated for, and participating in, the Leading Lights programme
  • Engaging in student enterprise through the Hatchery programme

The University will collect information on student participation in these opportunities, and feed that into your HEAR. You should not need to notify the University separately of your participation for it to appear on the HEAR.

We only include activities in, or arranged through, the University which we can verify, and which aren’t certificated elsewhere. This means that we won’t include awards like the Duke of Edinburgh Award, as you receive separate certification for that from the body that awards it. We also won’t include external employment. However, the Sunderland Professional Award gives you the opportunity to put together a portfolio of achievement that includes both activities covered by the HEAR and those outside it, and to use that portfolio to demonstrate reflection and learning in an application for the Professional Award.