Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the HEAR?

The Higher Education Achievement Record is designed to give undergraduate students a record of your academic and other achievements whilst studying at the University. It will replace the transcript for final year students, and sit alongside your degree certificate. Read more about it here, and what will appear on it here.

 2. How will I get my copy of the HEAR?

You will receive an electronic copy of the HEAR through a web service called GradIntel. You will be able to share your HEAR with employers online by sending them an electronic key via email.

 3. When will it be available?

A final HEAR will be issued to all students graduating from an undergraduate programme from August/September 2013 through GradIntel, although they will have the chance to view a draft HEAR before that. A working (‘formative’) HEAR will then be available to all undergraduate students from September 2013.

 4. Who can see it?

Only you do initially. You then control who you allow access to your HEAR. You can allow an employer to access it – if you choose to do so, you can set access for only a limited number of views by any particular employer, after which your HEAR is no longer available to them.

 5. Why do I need a GradIntel account?

GradIntel is the online service that the University is using to deliver your HEAR, and it will remain available to you after your graduation and after your access to University systems is closed down. You will need to register separately for this service. It’s completely free to you.

 6. How do I register for a GradIntel account?

The University will email your University email address when registration is available. This email will contain all instructions, and a link to GradIntel.

7. What if I don’t want something to appear on my HEAR?

You can’t change what appears on your academic record on the HEAR, or any of the information about your programme. You do however have the right to have any additional achievements not displayed if you choose. You will get more information on how to do this when you see your draft HEAR.

 8. How do I get additional questions added to this FAQ?

Please contact the HEAR team.