GradIntel is a national online service that the University is using to deliver your HEAR, and it will remain available to you after your graduation and after your access to University systems is closed down. This service is completely free to you, but you will have to register for it in order to access your HEAR. In registering, you consent for us to pass the data that appears on the HEAR to the GradIntel service.

All the information that goes into your HEAR is collected within the University and held in the student records system (SITS). When your HEAR is created the information is sent to GradIntel which publishes it as a secure PDF. You control access to this PDF, and can grant access to employers as you choose, via an electronic key.

You will need to register with GradIntel to access your HEAR, and the University will tell you when you need to do this, and will send you a link. You will need to accept their terms and conditions, and set up a password. If you forget this password, GradIntel provides a password recovery function on their website. The University won’t know what your password is and won’t be able to tell you it.