Legal, Governance & Business Assurance


Legal, Governance & Business Assurance was established in 2009 bringing together the areas of legal services, corporate governance, insurance and assurance.

The service is based on 4th Floor Edinburgh Building, City Campus

What we do
  • Provide a wide range of legal support and advice to the University and its subsidiaries in a number of areas, including property, charity, company and commercial, litigation, student matters, contract, employment, intellectual property and other legal matters.
  • Co-ordinate the Internal and External Audit services
  • Arrange and administer Insurance
  • Set a Risk Management framework and support its implementation
  • Incident Management and Business Continuity Planning
  • Provide advice and guidance to the University and the Board of Governors on constitutional matters
  • Manage the governance arrangements and provide administrative support to the Board of Governors and its committees
  • Implement and support all strands of Information Governance including, Information Risk Management, Records Managament and Information Security in order to provide a managed approach to information, data and records
  • Establish and deliver Data Assurance
  • Determine and deliver the Value for Money Strategy

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