SunSpace is our Virtual Learning Environment which supports online teaching and learning. The use of appropriate digital media can further enhance the student experience by providing additional support mechanisms, interactive activities and engaging content.

Our use of SunSpace is growing because of the ability to use enriching digital media such as images, moving images and audio, as well as extracts from printed material, to support teaching and learning.

If using other people’s material it is important to be aware of copyright issues and to respect the creator’s rights. This is because once a work is in a digital form it is very easy to manipulate or pass on. Therefore when you intend third-party work to be made available online or published through SunSpace, you will almost certainly need to clear copyright.

If you have been granted permission to use such material, you are required to put clear copyright information next to it. It is also important that you keep a copy of the permission given. For video/audio you should insert a copyright notice in the metadata and have a written/verbal notice that plays with the file. This is typically used at the start of the file.

Academic colleagues may find it useful to read the guidance for staff provided by JISC Digital Media at the following link:

You should not use SunSpace simply as a repository and your content should be regularly reviewed and redundant/outdated material removed.  For further information on effective use of Digital Media within SunSpace please see: