Student Campus Watch

Student Campus Watch is an organisation established in 2014 within the University of Sunderland and works closely with the University Security and Northumbria Police.

Student Campus Watch’s main aim is to raise awareness about safety and crime prevention and to uphold the reputation of the University of Sunderland as one of the safest universities in England (source: The Complete University Guide 2015).

It is run entirely by students and is widely supported by University of Sunderland’s staff and academics, who are passionate about safety and aim to maintain a healthy and secure environment for all students.

Student Campus Watch logo

Student Campus Watch focuses on number of key areas:

  • Provide guidance and support on security and safety and could refer you to professionals for specialist and confidential advice
  • Personal safety
  • Bike/personal possessions safety
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Housing advice on how to maintain a secure property

Contact the Student Campus Watch to learn more how to collect your free personal or bag alarm, a secure bike lock and register your mobile devices with Immobilise Property Register.

There are number of ways you could join and help the Student Campus Watch, including:

  • Attend meetings and learn more about what is happening around your university
  • Support events, campaigns or community visits
  • Raise safety and crime prevention awareness
  • Develop planning, communications and organisational skills, liaise and consult with different services and organisations

Student Campus Watch committee

Student Campus Watch is a unique opportunity for you to be proactive, develop your skills, help the community and make new friends.

In addition, you would be able to express your creativity and build a portfolio by becoming our Marketing and Advertisement Officer. By joining the Student Campus Watch, you would also have a chance to be part of the executive team and become a President or Vice-President of the Student Committee.

If you would like to learn more or join the Student Campus Watch, please contact us or register your interest.

Social media: To see what events we run or to ask a question, visit our Facebook page.