Campus cards

You will need to carry your Campus Card on you at all times while on campus. It has multiple purposes and benefits. If you lose you Campus Card please let the University know as soon as possible.

Your University of Sunderland Campus Card is your joint student ID, Students' Union and Library Card.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.

What is it for?

Your University Campus Card is your:

  • Students' Union card
  • University photo ID
  • Library Card
  • Attendance card
  • Access pass
  • University campus travel pass

How to upload your picture?

Step 1: Go to the website: and login using your user ID and Password. When you login you will see the browse option.‌

Step 2: Click Browse and find the picture you wish to upload.

Step 3: When you have selected your picture simply click Upload Image.

Step 4: When you are happy simply click Confirm.‌

Picture guidelines. Your picture:

  • Must contain your full face ONLY
  • Must be front facing
  • Must be passport style
  • Must have a plain background
  • Must NOT be a selfie
  • You should NOT wear hats, caps or glasses that obscure your eyes.

If you do this before you start your course it should be ready to collect when you register.

Please note that when you press 'upload image' it will automatically generate your card so please only do this once with an appropriate photo.

Collecting your Campus Card

Cards for Freshers’ Week

You will be able to collect your new Campus Card from Campus Card Collection points during September.  To make sure your card is ready for collection when you arrive, you will need to upload a photograph of yourself in to our MyPhoto system, for new students please upload at least 10 days prior to the date of your enrolment.

Partner College Students

Students who study a University of Sunderland course at a partnership college are also eligible for a Campus Card. Your Campus Card will be taken to your partnership college by the Partnership Office.

This page was published on 1 June 2016