Workplace and Workstation Assessments

A workstation assessment (or workplace assessment) enables adjustments or restrictions to be made to support you.  Occupational Health advice may also be sought.

You will be asked to complete an online workstation training and assesment when you join us.  

If you need any additional advice your first port of call should be your workplace Area Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator (ASHEC).

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is undertaken if your role requires you to work with specific hazards in the workplace, such as respiratory sensitisers or skin irritants/sensitisers.  We aim to ensure your safety, in accordance with statutory legislation for the protection of our people.

This may only involve the completion of a questionnaire or may include some specific testing, for example a lung function test.

The results of health surveillance programmes are provided to managers so that any failure in control measures can be rectified, but will not include your sensitive medical data.


This page was published on 14 March 2017