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Academic Quality Handbook

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Academic Quality Handbook

The Academic Quality Handbook is the definitive collection of the latest copies of all the procedures, templates and forms relating to all academic quality processes of the University.

It is divided into a number of sections from high level strategy through programme development and approval; regulations and assessment policy; complaints and appeals procedures; to APL and Handbooks.

The sections are intended to be self-explanatory, however if you have any queries or comments then please contact Quality Support in Academic Registry via email quality.management@sunderland.ac.uk 

Quality Support Team

The Quality Support Team is located in the Gateway, Floor 1 at City Campus.

For queries relating to the Academic Quality Handbook please contact Quality Support on quality.management@sunderland.ac.uk 

Quality Support Manager: TBC


Quality Support Coordinator: Kirsty Watson (Mat leave) / Fiona Lamb (Mat cover)

e: kirsty.watson@sunderland.ac.uk / fiona.lamb@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 3775 / 0191 515 3428

Quality Support: Jenny Ho  

 e: jenny.ho@sunderland.ac.uk

 T: 0191 515 2197

Faculty Facing Quality Officer and Quality Assistant

Faculty of Arts and Creative Industry

Quality Officer: Susan Alexander

e: susan.alexander@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 3519

Quality Assistant: Alistair Anderson 

e: alistair.anderson@sunderland.ac.uk 

T: 0191 515  TBC

Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism

Quality Officer: Lyndsay Brown  

e: lyndsay.brown@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 3809

Quality Assistant: Kevin Williamson

e: kevin.williamson@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 2398

Faculty of Education and Society

Quality Officer: Susan Alexander / Margaret Young / Lyndsay Brown

e:  susan.alexander@sunderland.ac.uk / margaret.young-1@sunderland.ac.uk / lyndsay.brown@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 3519 / 0191 515 2510 / 0191 515 3809

Quality Assistant: Alistair Anderson

e: alistair.anderson@sunderland.ac.uk 

T: 0191 515 TBC

Faculty of Health, Sciences and Wellbeing

Quality Officer: Margaret Young

 e: margaret.young-1@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 2510

Susan Alexander (School of Medicine) 

e: susan.alexander@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 3519

Quality Assistant: TBC


Quality Assistant: Diane Mitchell

 (Monday - Wednesday (AM)

 e: diane.mitchell@sunderland.ac.uk

 T: 0191 515 xTBC

Faculty of Technology

Quality Officer: Carol Gardner

e: carol.gardner@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 2065

Quality Assistant: Kevin Williamson

e: kevin.williamson@sunderland.ac.uk

T: 0191 515 2398