Brexit Information

What you need to know about Brexit

Latest Government timetable and updates

Jun 2016                     UK public vote to leave the EU

Mar 2017                    Government trigger Article 50 (tells the EU we are leaving within 2 years)

Jun 2018                     Parliament approve Withdrawal Act (says EU cant make future laws from the UK)

Nov 2018                    Draft withdrawal deal agreed

31 Jan 2020                UK leaves the EU

 This page is designed to advise our staff on the impact of Brexit.  However if you are a student or a prospective student, or looking for guidance to give students, please go to 

 The frequently asked questions (FAQ's) below will be updated and added to as more information becomes known.



I am an EU citizen. Can I still work at the University of Sunderland?

Absolutely. All University of Sunderland staff from the EU will have the same right to work in the UK whether a withdrawal deal is agreed or not. The EU settlement scheme will allow you to apply for settled (if you have 5 years residence) or pre-settled status.

Can I apply for British citizenship whilst working at the University of Sunderland?

In addition to the EU Settlement Scheme those EU/EEA staff who meet the requirements may wish to go one step further and apply for British Citizenship. If you are considering dual citizenship you should check the legal position of the relevant country before making an application, as not all EU countries allow dual nationality. 

I want to appoint an EU citizen to a University post. Can I still do so?

Yes. In the event of a Brexit deal there will be no change for EU/EEA staff living and working in the UK or obtaining new employment in the UK until after December 2020. In the event of a no deal Brexit, the Home Office has confirmed that will still operate the EU Settlement Scheme, which allows existing EU/EEA residents to apply to stay in the UK after Brexit. The Home Office will allow EU/EEA citizens arriving after exit day to work but they will be required to obtain a European Temporary Leave to Remain visa which will allow them to stay for three years. They will need to apply for a new visa under the new system after December 2020.

EU Settlement Scheme

All EU staff and their family members are strongly encouraged to apply for settled or pre-settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme. It is fully open and free and you can apply online.

Advice on travel to the EU

Please find information and advice online

Further support can be obtained from your HR Business Partner. See our Who to Contact page for more information.