What happens to my recycling?

Recyling is very important to us, we are committed to reducing the waste we produce and recycle where we can. We have improved our recycling facilites over the years and our bins are segregated to collect mixed paper, cans and tins, plastics and general waste. We also offer glass and battery recycling. The recycling is taken to a materials recycling facility (MRF) and sorted and the materials that can’t be recycled are then sent to an energy from waste (EFW) facility so that electricity and heat can be recovered. 

What can I recycle?

Around our teaching buildings, offices and catering outlets you will see our segrageted recycling bins. Please help us imporve by recycling as much as you can. The following list shows what can be recycled on campus.


Yes Please

No Thanks

Office papers (if confidential, please use the confidential waste bin).

Large cardboard items- please break up item (if possible) and leave in your designated area for collection.

Newspapers & Magazines

Food contaminated paper and card items


Ring binders



Greetings cards/Christmas cards


Cartons including tetra packs


Envelopes with or without windows


Cardboard packaging (please don’t put larger cardboard items in these recycling bins)


Disposable paper cups


Drink stirrers


Cup holders


White Paper only

White paper (with or with printed text)

Cans and tins only

Yes Please

No Thanks


Food contaminated cans/tins

Tin foil

foil crisp packets/sweet wrappers

Drink cans


Metal lids


Plastics only

Yes Please

No Thanks

plastic lids/bottle tops

Food contaminated plastic packaging

Plastic bottles

foil crisp packets/sweet wrappers

plastic cups


plastic food packaging


plastic detergent bottles


Battery Recycling

Do not put batteries in general waste bins.

  • Household batteries  (including button batteries for watches)
  • Mobile phone
  • Camera
  • Laptop batteries

For Industrial batteries  (please contact your local ASHEC for appropriate disposal route)

Glass Recycling

Glass including jars, bottles

 In our Halls of Residences please use: 

  • Kitchen general bin for food waste and items which cannot be recycled (polystyrene, boxes with food still in and certain packaging).
  • Blue bag for cardboard, tins, drink cans, tin foil, most plastics (washing & drink bottles) and aerosols. Make sure to rinse any food off items before they are put in the external mixed recycling bin!
  • Glass bin for all glass including bottles, jars, cups and glasses.
  • Bedroom blue bin for all paper and magazines.

 Outside there are 3 bins with coloured lids:

  • Grey lid for Landfill/General Waste
  • Blue lid for Mixed Recycling
  • Green lid for Glass

Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment

Faculties and Services can dispose of unwanted electrical items free of charge.

To use this service, a request should be made through the CAMS system, during the week prior to the specified collection date for your Faculty/ Service.  The CAMS form can be accessed via Facilities' website home page or by clicking here, the form will only take a few minutes to complete.  For more information regarding this service contact Facilities.

Warp IT

‌An online portal where you can find or post unwanted resources such as furniture and office equipment to reduce spend, waste and supply chain environmental impacts. Contact your local Warp It Administrator for further information or click here.

This page was published on 13 October 2016