Recruiting and Inducting Staff

Having the 'Right people, excellent skills, right culture' is one of our key aims. It's essential we recruit people who will help drive our business in the right way.

Ensuring new team members have an effective induction experience means they are more likely to meet this expectation (don't forget about internal movers too). The following information will help you achieve the best fit for your team and give them the best start in their new role.

Different methods of employment

There are many different ways to bring someone in to perform work.  Fixed-term contracts may be appropriate for short term work, for example when covering maternity leave. We have contracts for casual workers, agency workers, interns, apprentices and self-employed consultants. Your HR Manager or Assistant can help you decide on the most appropriate route, and there is some guidance to help you identify your need below.

Role profiles

If you are creating a new role please use the appropriate template below. We also have a number of generic academic role profiles that have been evaluated with agreed standard elements, which you can add to as required. 

You may find our Guidance for writing role profiles useful to refer to. It can help you pitch the content and requirements of job roles at an appropriate level.

Recruitment and Selection guidance for managers

General recruitment and selection

Our People Strategy recognises that our people are helping drive the business and success - they are our most important asset and resource. The guidance below will guide you making the right decisions and getting the most our of your fair recruitment and selection.


Our processes are there to ensure we vet our staff appropriately. To make sure we are compliant with UKVI legislation, eligibility to work in the UK documentation should be obtained for everyone working for us. You should also familiarise yourself with the Safeguarding arrangements we have in place to make sure that those dealing with vulnerable groups are appropriately checked. Detailed information to follow.

Targeted support for applicants

An awareness of support for candidates attending interview or relocating is especially useful for hiring managers, full details can be found below.


It's important that all our team members are treated equally and we have a number of pieces of guidance to ensure this happens. There is also an online training tool designed to understand more about this. More detailed information can be found on the Equality page of this website.

Selection Tools

Interviews are more effective when they are formal, structured, and use appropriate questions that are focused on both eligibility and suitability for the role.  Interviews are often supplemented with other effective selection methods such as tests, presentations and 'real life' work testing.  Your HR Manager or assistant can help you develop the most appropriate selection  tools to ensure you get the right person for your job. Further information about some of these can be found below.

 Employing International Students

Induction and Probation

As part of a robust induction period, clear expectations should be given to everyone when they start a new role, whether that be through an external appointment or an internal move. New team members should understand our vision and values, accept responsibility and accountability in their roles and are clear on how their roles fit in.

You should use the probation period to set these expectations and provide support to achieve them.


We have a number of tools to support you with this process, you may also find speaking with peers or your most recent team member useful when preparing the induction of your new team member. Expectations regarding  induction are also set with new starters in the Settling in section of our website.


Probation is the period in which you as a manager will be assessing your team member to ensure they are meeting expectations. Support should be given during this period and the following information will help you with this:

Professional Standards

The University has clear and high standards for its staff. The PowerPoint presentation at the following link outlines some of these expectations for Academic staff: Academic Professional Standards.

This page was published on 8 May 2019