Our appraisal process is a process that links your Faculty/Service objectives and priorities for the year ahead to the work of teams and individual members of staff.

All members of staff, other than those on short-term temporary contracts (less than 12 months duration), are expected to participate in an appraisal meeting each year, and a 6 month appraisal review meeting during the year. There are three appraisal schemes operating within the University:

Training is available for appraisers, and new managers must attend Appraiser training before they meet with their staff to conduct appraisal meetings.

There is also guidance available:

More advice around Personal Development Plans is available to assist you in identifying your learning and development needs.

Finally, referring to YOUR Development YOUR Options Information might be valuable in determining the best way for you to meet your development needs.

This page was published on 10 June 2016