The University has a Performance and Development Review Scheme (‘appraisal scheme’) for all staff, which provides an opportunity to link the objectives and priorities of Faculties and Services to the work of teams and individual members of staff. It provides an opportunity to talk about what you will focus on in the year ahead, as well as reviewing your previous year's achievements, there is also a focus on your personal development.

All members of staff are expected to participate in an appraisal meeting each year, and a 6 month appraisal review meeting during the year is also encouraged.

The University Appraisal Form is accessible via Employee Self Service (ESS) within the Goals and Performance section. Guidance in how to complete the form is available here.

Appraiser Training is available - offered as an online training module. New managers must complete the Appraiser training module before they conduct appraisal meetings with their staff. Additionally current managers are encouraged to complete the training as a refresher of their skills and approach. To request access to the training module please contact

Appraisee Training is also available - offered as an online training module. Appraisees are encouraged to complete this training to support them in understanding how to prepare for an appraisal as well as the purpose of our appraisal scheme. Access to this module is available at any time and can be gained via a request to

For advice in completing Personal Development Planning please refer to the Identify your needs section of the website, referring to YOUR Development YOUR Options Information might also be valuable in determining the best way for you to meet your development needs.

You may also find Appraisal FAQs useful to refer to before you commence your appraisal preparations.

This page was published on 13 June 2019