More Information for Academic Staff and Academic Tutors

The majority of documents, policies and procedures within the University are applicable to all of our staff groups, however there are some additional documents which are relevant to Academic Staff, including hourly-paid or salaried Academic Tutors (AT/SAT).

Elsewhere on this website you can also find information relevant to Academics and ATs:

To find out how we can support your work in learning and teaching, research, students support or academic leadership please see Academic Development.

Professional Standards

The University has clear and high standards for its staff. The PowerPoint presentation at the following link outlines some of these expectations for Academic staff: Academic Professional Standards.

Staff Handbooks

Our Staff Handbooks are intended as a general and informative guide for all members of staff and will be of particular use to new staff joining the University in understanding our expectations of your role.

The handbooks also provide important information on key aspects of your role, responsibilities, working arrangements and the wide range of support available to you during your career with the University.

Further Guidance for Academic Tutors

In this section you can find guidance and documents that will assist you in the role of Academic Tutor.

Information about your contract and role

You will receive an offer letter and statement of particulars (contract of employment) a welcome pack and a summary 'workloadplan' schedule of the hours you will work.  Your offer letter will specify any initial steps you need to take.

The Academic Tutor Staff Handbook contains a wealth of guidance if you are employed as an Academic Tutor or Salaried Academic Tutor at the University. The handbook sets out the support that the University will provide to help you carry out your role, and includes the arrangements for your duties, claims, induction and development.

You may also find the following information helpful:

Important checks before you start work

The University must legally confirm your eligibility to work in the UK in order to comply with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requirements.  Please ensure that you promptly bring or send original identity documents (see the welcome pack for examples), so that we can carry out this check before you start work.

The Health Screening Declaration should also be returned as promptly as possible.

You must also provide us with your personal details and bank account details to ensure that we are able to pay you.

Your Induction, Development and Appraisal

You should be inducted into your role, and are expected to participate in staff appraisal (this may be partly through group dicussion or email).

The University places great value on the quality of our teaching and are committed to the development of our teaching staff.  We encourage Academic Tutors who are new to teaching in Higher Education, and/or who do not hold a qualification in teaching, to undertake our two day Preparing to Teach at the University of Sunderland course.  Attendance at the course provides evidence that can support an application for Higher Education Academy accreditation (  you can be paid for attendance at this course at your normal hourly rate, by submitting a claim for 12 hours using the claim form below.

After undertaking work

In order to be paid you must submit your claims via the Allocate system (  by the deadline, to allow time for the claim to be approved and passed to payroll. You should submit your claim by 2nd of the following month to ensure payment on 22nd.  Late claims will delay payment.

It is your responsibility to submit claims regularly WITHIN ONE MONTH of undertaking the teaching.  This is because saving up claims for more than one month’s work may cause you to pay incorrect National Insurance or trigger automatic pension contributions.   For payroll queries call: 0191 515 3734.

Please note that:

  • All hours are paid at your normal hourly rate.  For every 1 hour of teaching, your contract includes an additional 1.1 hours for preparation & marking (known as ‘Category 2’), administration & development (‘Category’ 3), as detailed in the Statement of Particulars and WorkLoadPlan.  You do not need to claim for these additional hours: they will be paid at your normal hourly rate when you claim for teaching.
  • Additional non-teaching (‘Category 3’) activity such as module leadership should be claimed above, and will be paid at your normal hourly rate.
  • Accrued holiday is deemed to be taken in this period and is paid as part of your hourly rate.  (See your Statement of Particulars for the calculation.)


If you have any queries please contact AT Claims or the HR Management Systems Team.

This page was published on 2 May 2019