Payroll Forms, Claims, Deadlines and Salary Deductions

Below you can find information about payroll services and deadlines, including how to claim payments and make deductions from your salary:

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Payroll Forms

Providing information

  • Personal Details Form - to provide your bank account and personal details.  Once you have an IT account, you can amend many of your details via Employee Self Service.
  • Bank Details - Please use Employee Self Service to notify us of a bank details change.  We will always ring you back to confirm that this change was made by you. Alternatively, notify us on the Bank Details - Changes Form.
  • Change of Address - there is no form to complete if your home address has changed since you joined us, please use Employee Self Service to change your address details, or email your new address to We will amend your record, and Payroll will notify HMRC and your pension scheme if applicable.

Authorised leave and pay

Maternity Leave Form

Claims - University employees

Claims - External and casual workers (including Demonstrators and Invigilators)

Other forms

  • Salary Deduction and Payroll Giving forms are also available.
  • Other documents can be found from our policies page.

Deadlines and pay dates

University of Sunderland

University of Sunderland staff are paid direct into their bank account on 22nd of each month. When the 22nd of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, staff are paid on the preceding working day.

Our Payroll Calendar 2017 - 2018 indicates when claims need to be submitted, including Overtime, Academic Tutor and Casual Worker claims.

University of Sunderland in London

Staff at our London subsidiary are paid on 30th of each month. When the 30th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday (or following the end of the month in February), staff are paid on the preceding working day.  For payroll deadlines for University of Sunderland in London please contact the HR Adviser, Ilona Lewicka (

Salary Deductions

You can make regular or one-off deductions from your net pay (after tax and NI have been deducted) through the payroll.  The deduction is made before you receive your pay and will be itemised on your payslip.  It has no tax benefits, and is simply a convenient way to make a payment.  Simply inform payroll that you wish to set-up this kind of payment.

We offer several opportunities to pay by salary deduction:

Health Cash Plan

  • We offer a corporate health cash plan scheme provided by BHSF which provides money towards the cost of medical care including dental and eyecare (see our Other Benefits section for details.)  To sign up please contact payroll.

Friend of the National Glass Centre

  • ¿This is a special offer for University members of staff - you can become a Friend of the National Glass Centre at a reduced staff rate by making an annual payment (currently £15) from your salary using this payroll deduction form (the reduced staff rate is not available through the NGC online shop).  This link provides more information about the benefits of becoming Friend of the National Glass Centre.  The reduced staff rate entitles you to the discounts for the NGC shop, cafe and workshops without the need to pay an additional £5.

University Nursery Childcare Fees

  • If your child has a place in the University's Nursery, your nursery childcare fees can be paid through salary deduction if you choose (or you can opt to pay your fees by salary sacrifice if you prefer).

Northern Rail Annual Season Ticket

Corposate Metrosaver Travel Pass

  • You can purchase a Corporate Metrosaver Travel Pass at a discounted rate, allowing free travel across the entire Metro Network seven days a week. It is also valid on the Shields ferry and the Newcastle - Sunderland rail line.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Salary sacrifice is an alternative to a salary deduction which can only be used in specific circumstances.   Normally, salary deductions are made after you have already paid tax and National Insurance contributions, but a salary sacrifice is made before tax and NI.  This means that you pay less tax and NI overall.

Salary sacrifice allows you to give up your right to receive part of your contractual pay for an agreed period of time. In return the University agrees to provide you with a 'non-cash' benefit (for example, nursery provision, or childcare vouchers).  You don't pay tax or NI on this non-cash benefit, so you save money. See University Guidance on Salary Sacrifice Schemes (below) for more about the benefits of salary sacrifice - as well as some things you may want to consider, particularly if you claim certain means-tested benefits.

We offer several salary sacrifice schemes:

Cycle to Work Scheme 

  • The cycle to work scheme is a Government-approved salary Sacrifice initiative allowing you to hire a bike and accessories from your employer for the purpose of cycling to work. The hire is free of tax and national insurance which means you can make savings whilst keeping fit, reducing your carbon footprint and spending less time in your car.
  • The hire agreement is for 12 months and you can spend between £100 & £1,000.  The University's Cycle Scheme runs in partnership with Halfords.
  • We also offer free cycle facilities across our Sunderland Campuses including cycle parking, secure storage and shower facilities.
  • The scheme is only available to sign up to during the designated scheme window which is until 01 March 2019.

University Childcare (Workplace Nursery) fees

  • If your child has a place in the University's Nursery, your nursery childcare fees can be paid by salary sacrifice. Please contact the Childcare service who can provide you with a mandate on which you can opt to pay by salary sacrifice.  (Or you can opt to pay by salary deduction after tax and NI if you prefer)

Charitable Payroll Giving (Give As You Earn)

The University is committed to supporting the community, to both our staff and our wider stakeholders. In order to allow our employees to become involved in such corporate responsibility, we are part of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). This foundation enables the University to operate a Give As You Earn Scheme (GAYE) whereby you as an employee can donate to over 160,000 registered UK charities or to a cause of your choice locally, nationally or internationally.

As part of your benefits package, this scheme offers you a flexible tax-effective way to give money to charity. Regular charitable donations are deducted from your pay before tax (in other words after calculation of NI contributions but before deduction of PAYE tax). This way you get tax relief immediately at your highest rate of tax and can automatically enhance your giving, making it much more effective.

Set up a Monthly Charitable Donation

Donate to the University's Development Trust

This page was published on 2 May 2019