Role Reviews

The University is committed to ensuring all job roles are graded correctly, in line with HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) procedures and equal pay principles.

When your job was created it was allocated a pay grade.  This happens for all University job roles.

It is often the case that job roles change over time, sometimes quite significantly. Where this is the case the University has a route for the associated pay grade to be formally reviewed. This is called job evaluation. The job evaluation process analyses the knowledge, skills, responsibilities and accountabilities required for your role using a criteria of fourteen elements.


There is an annual Role Review cycle which operates twice a year, in June and December.  Applications for role reviews will be accepted throughout the year, and are then processed in the next available cycle (either June or December). Any application for a role review must be agreed and signed off by your line manager.


If your request for a role review is ultimately declined you will have the opportunity to appeal.