Sickness Absence, sick pay and support

We want to support you to be fit and healthy while you work for us, and to help you get back on your feet when you're unwell. Occupational Health is available to provide advice and support. We provide a range of wellbeing inititatives, and generous occupational sick pay entitlements which substantially enhance the statutory sick pay rate. Full details can be found in your contract (statement of particulars), or by contacting Payroll.

Sickness Reporting

When you are too sick to work, it's important that you report your sickness promptly in accordance with our Sickness Reporting Procedure.  This ensures cover and minimises the impact on your colleagues, students and customers, and is a requirement for you to receive sick pay.  In summary:

  • If you are too unwell to perform your duties, you must contact your line manager (team leader) - or whoever you've been told to contact when you are sick - preferably before the start of your normal working day but certainly within 1.5 hours of your normal start time. 
  • Sickness must be reported on any day you would normally work and are not on leave, even if you are not due to attend University premises (for example you are away on travel, were planning to work from home, or are undertaking research and scholarly activity.)
  • It is important that you report all sickness absence promptly and in a way that allows appropriate support for you, cover for your duties, and recording and monitoring.

Please send your GP/Doctor's Fit note or your Sickness Self-Cert and Return to Work Formto the nominated administrator in your Faculty or Service, who will input the details and forward a summary to Payroll.

Sick Pay Entitlements

Subject to certain conditions, including the deduction where appropriate of National Insurance and other benefit payments, the University will normally pay sick pay from the first day of sickness absence as follows:

Length of Service

Sick Pay

1st Year of Service (first three months)

2 weeks full pay and 2 weeks half pay

1st Year of Service (after three months)

2 months full pay and 2 months half pay

2nd Year of Service

3 months full pay and 3 months half pay

3rd Year of Service

4 months full pay and 4 months half pay

During the 4th and successive years

6 months full pay and 6 months half pay

Entitlements to sick pay are calculated on the basis of a rolling 12 month period.