Health screening

We use health screenings as a pre-employment check after you've been offered employment with us.

Pre-Employment Health Screenings

Pre-employment health screenings are used to check whether your health may have an impact on your role, or your role may have an impact on your health.

In low risk occupations such as office/desk based roles, a short Health Screening Declarationis sufficient which consists of 5 health questions so that we can fulfil our obligations . This is included in your Welcome Pack when you join us.

For particular roles, or where you answer on the health declaration questionnaire, we may undertake a paper-based screening using a longer Work Health Assessment Questionnaire and/or we may request to meet with you.

The screening is a tool that:

  • Provides advice on the your fitness for the role.
  • Provides advice where necessary on any reasonable adjustments, the working conditions or the physical working environment in relation to a medical condition or disability.
  • Identifies work-related health risks.
  • Provides advice on the need for health surveillance in relation to the role.

Copies of the forms are available:

The above forms should be returned to Occupational Health Service, marked as confidential.


This page was published on 3 May 2019