Occupational Health Referrals and Advice

We take your health and wellbeing very seriously, as a valued team member or manager we want to ensure that everyone feels supported and able to contribute to their fullest.

When health problems arise we want to support you within the workplace or your return to work safely at the earliest appropriate time.

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You can be referred to Occupational Health by your line manager via the appropriate HR Business Partner in accordance with the Absence Management Policy, using the Occupational Health Referral Form.  For example you may have had short or long term sickness absence, or your health may affect your ability to do your job or your job may affect your health.

Any management referral will be discussed with you in advance. You'll be invited to attend an appointment with Occupational Health who will then issue a report to your HR Business Partner and Line Manager. The report will provide medical information to ensure that you can perform your role safely and effectively in the light of any health issues.  The report will not breach medical confidentiality but will advise on your 'fitness' for work and whether adjustments or restrictions to your duties or a phased approach would help support your successful return to work.

You can also make a self-referral, using the Occupational Health Self-Referral Form, however we would alway encourage you to discuss any issues with your line manager, in the first instance.

'Case Conferencing' is sometimes used.  This is a meeting of everyone involved in your case - you, your line manager, your HR Business Partner and Occupational Health - to assist in managing your successful return to work.

We may work with your GP, consultants and other health care professionals with your written consent in supporting you to stay at work or assist in your recovery and subsequent return to work.  Information is available on the Fit Note and how it works.

We may also refer you to services provided by the University which complement the Occupational Health Service. Support is available for both physical or psychological needs. The University has access to an external Physiotherapy Service and is able to access the Counselling Service within Student Journey.

This page was published on 3 May 2019