Osteoporosis and Prostate Tests


THURSDAY 14TH FEBRUARY CITY SPACE 2019                                                 

As part of the University’s commitment to health and wellbeing and in line with our Wellbeing Strategy we have arranged for the Osteoporosis Assessment Service to be part of our wellbeing event with the following tests

Osteoporosis Fracture Risk Assessment 

Ultrasound Bone Density Heel Scan

The machine used to perform the test is a heel ultrasound scanner (McCue CUBAClinical) which does not use X-rays but safe ultrasound signals. The bone density measured in the heel is strongly related to the hip and spine and is an excellent surrogate scanning site for osteoporosis assessments.

A small amount of ultrasound gel is placed on a bare heel and the scan is performed within 3 minutes. The results are printed and explained to each client at the time of their consultation.

PSA (Male Prostate Blood Test) MALES aged 45 years +

Finger blood sample to assess the presence and concentration of prostate specific antigen in circulation.  A small sample of blood is placed upon a cassette which measures the concentration of PSA in the sample and provides an immediate visual result if levels are above the normal range.


Please note these tests are being fully subsidised by the university and we are expecting demand to be high. As appointments will be limited, early booking is advisable. Once all the appointments have been filled we will compile a reserve list for any cancellations.


To make an appointment please contact Jackie in the first instance at jacquimss@aol.com or telephone 01525 862 465. Appointments will be given on a first come first serve basis.

This page was published on 3 May 2019