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Remote Controlled Aircraft (also commonly referred to as Drones) have become far more common in recent years and they are beginning to feature in University activities.

 This falls broadly into three areas:

  • Commercial use of Remote Controlled Aircraft operations (Commercial Operation) such as filming, building maintenance surveillance.
  • Academic use – e.g. Undergraduate projects, as well as some interest from research groups.It is not always immediately apparent whether academic activities involving Remote Controlled Aircraft would constitute “Commercial operation” however guidance within this document provided in accordance with CAP 722 would suggest it does    not, and our current activities would come under the remit of non-commercial/recreational use – CAP 658. However; it is quite foreseeable that academic use could be made of Remote Controlled Aircraft which would fall under the Aerial work regulatory regime.
  • Hobby/recreational use of Remote Controlled Aircraft on University property by staff, students and visitors.

 The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that Remote Controlled Aircraft operation associated with the University of Sunderland is carried out safely and in accordance with        regulatory requirements.


January 2017

January 2017

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