The Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Team are an integral part of Human Resources. We support the Executive and wider management to ensure that HS&E requirements are being met and HS&E initiatives are being driven. We also provide support and guidance to managers and other employees on technical, legal and practical aspects of HS&E. (See the side menu for information about the roles of Coordinator's (including ASHECs), Fire Warden and First Aider).

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We are considered to be one of the safest universities in the United Kingdom.

We are constantly working towards better, safer and more pleasant future for our students, employees and the community.

We provide detailed information and advice on security and safety and encourage you to visit the following:

For security and safety queries please contact:

  •     Campus Police: 0191 515 3999
  •     University Security: 0191 515 2028

Our aims

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and responsible place to work, meeting all statutory and best practice requirements in respect of health, safety and environment.In particular, we aim to:

  • create a learning and working environment for students, staff and visitors that actively promotes their health, safety and wellbeing
  • embrace environmental responsibility and sustainable development at the heart of our academic and business affairs 

The University has a wide array of arrangements in place to ensure that these commitments are met. These include:

  • organisational arrangements
  • policies and procedures
  • planning, reporting, monitoring and review processes (i.e. action plans)

The Corporate, Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Action Plan sets out the agreed actions we're taking to achieve our strategic aims. Many of these actions are owned by individuals (for example a member of the Environment Strategy Group) but others are for the wider University management.

This corporate action plan is supported by local HSE action Plans within each Faculty and Service.

HSE Structure

Health, safety and environmental issues are important at every level of our organisation:

The Board of Governors has ultimate responsibility for health, safety and environmental (HS&E) issues at the University.

The Vice Chancellor has executive responsibility for all aspects of HS&E. This responsibility is delegated through the management hierarchy to ensure that it is implemented throughout the organisation.

The University Consultative Committee for Health, Safety and the Environment (UCCSHE) serves to enable effective consultation between senior management and other employees on HS&E issues.

The Environmental Strategy Group (ESG) serves to enable continuous improvement to be made on environmental issues.

Each Faculty and Service has its own HS&E committee. These serve to enable local HS&E issues to be raised and addressed by managers and other employees.

ASHECs: Each Service has one or more area coordinator whose primary role is to support management in ensuring the effective implementation of HS&E requirements locally and to provide guidance as necessary to local staff and students.

Each Faculty is supported by a member of the Central HS&E team.

University employees are served by a number of Trade Union Safety Representatives who may act on their behalf with regards to HS&E issues.

Each University building has a Nominated Building Manager. This is a senior manager who has been given clear responsibility for the management of fire related, HS&E issues within a specific building. This is particularly important where a building is occupied by more than one Faculty and/or Service.

Other important organisational elements with regard to HS&E issues include Fire Wardens and First Aiders.