What does it mean to be a Wellbeing Champion at the University of Sunderland?

Wellbeing Champions are essential in challenging stigma and increasing understanding of mental health in our University.

Wellbeing Champions can be found below in the following Faculties and Services: 

Academic Registry
Arts and Creative Industries
Enterprise & Innovation
Estates & Facilities
Health Sciences & Wellbeing
Home Recruitment
Human Resources
National Glass Centre
Student Journey
Students' Union

In any University community there will always be times when staff and students need our support. There are a variety of reasons for this and a range of services which, working together, can ensure that our staff and students receive timely and appropriate support. "When to Refer" is for all staff and students at the University. The guides identify some common areas where students or staff members may have issues, questions or concerns. For further information:https://www.sunderland.ac.uk/whentorefer

You may also be interested in reviewing the guidance for staff supporting students exhibiting behaviours that may give cause for concern.

The Wellbeing Champion Intervention Form is downloadable for use by the Wellbeing Champions.

This page was published on 8 July 2020