A coach is there to support an individual to reach your personal or work goals. They will support, challenge and encourage you. A coach will not offer advice, but help you to find your own solution. The relationship will be within a set timeframe and will be structured.


  • How can I access coaching?
    • There are a couple of different routes to access coaching:
    • Each faculty/service is responsible for creating a staff development plan, any coaching requests should be filtered in via this route. Coaching may also be recommended to individuals or a team via Human Resources as an alternative development via the planning process.
    • If the request comes in after staff development planning, you can access coaching by first, discussing with your line manager about the development areas you have that you feel coaching will be suitable for. Once you both have agreed that coaching is a suitable route, complete the Coaching request form.
    • Human Resources will be in contact with you to discuss your request and decide whether coaching is the most appropriate route. If coaching is suitable then HR will match you with a coach from the network.
  • How will coaching help me?
    • Coaching can help you by providing you with a space to talk openly about your development goals and support you to work actively towards them.
    • Coaching can help you to become more self-aware, you can learn more about yourself, challenge your thought processes or behaviours and even help you discover your blind spots.
  • Who will I be coached by?
    • You will be coached internally from an experienced coach within the universities internal coaching network. 
    • For a coaching relationship to be effective both coach and client need to work well together and have a good connection. If however, you find that that rapport isn’t there please let us know, we can match you with another coach within the network.
    • Similarly, if you know the person who is coaching you and you feel there is a conflict of interest then we can match you with another coach within the network
    • An external coach may be more appropriate for some staff, this will be assessed on a case by case basis by HR
  • Where and when will coaching take place?
    • All coaching meetings will always take place on campus during your normal working hours, you will not be expected to be coached before or after your working day or on your lunch break
    • The specific locations and timings are to be agreed mutually between you and your coach
  • What is involved?
    • An exact plan is to be agreed between you and your coach, but they usually span 3-6 sessions ranging between 1-2hours each time. There is an expectation that you will fully commit to the coaching process, more information on your expectations can be found under coaching expectations
    • The full process from start to finish can be found in the Coaching Process Map
  • Is it confidential?
    • Yes, coaching is completely confidential your coach will not share any information with your line manager without your prior permission
    • The only time confidentiality may need to be broken is if you were to share information that could put yourself, others or the university at risk. Coaches are responsible to operate within the law and would again be required to disclose any illegal activity or safeguarding issues
    • Coaching experiences may be anonymously shared through coaching supervision, which is there to help the coach develop their skills
  • What if I can’t make my agreed session with my coach?
    • As per your coaching agreement you have made a commitment to honour the agreed number of sessions, you and your coach should make every effort to ensure coaching meetings aren’t cancelled. If you do need to cancel, it should be within the timescales you agreed in the coaching agreement.
    • If you or your coach cancel more than two session’s last minute, you/your coach can escalate this to HR who can see what more support is needed to ensure that coaching is given sufficient support. Repeat cancellations will be shared with your line manager.