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Coaching Expectations

Below is all the expectations for all the roles.

  • Client (The person being coached)
    • Ensure the coaching relationship is effective by being honest at all times
    • Communicate to the coach and take action if at any time the client believes that the coaching relationship is not working as desired
    • Meet with, or call the coach at the agreed time
    • Ensure coaching is given full priority, but in situations where sessions do need to be cancelled, stick to the mutually agreed notice period
    • Take full responsibility, at all times, for all decisions and actions taken throughout the coaching relationship
  • Coach
    • Hold all information provided to the coach by the client in strict confidence. Information may be shared during coaching supervision for the purpose of development. Anonymity will be maintained.
    • Hold the client’s well-being, growth and agenda as a priority of the coaching relationship
    • Maintain a high level of integrity and trustworthiness at all times, and never judge the client
    • Be honest and straightforward in asking questions, making requests and observations and in giving feedback at all times
    • Advise the client of any circumstances that might influence the coach’s objectivity or judgement
    • Discuss and resolve any conflict of interest with the client’s best interest in mind
    • Communicate to the client if at any time the content of the discussion is outside of the boundaries of the coaching relationship and offer referrals depending on the specific situation
    • Operate within the limits of competence. If required signpost to another professional (mentor or counsellor), or refer to a more experienced coach
  • Line manager
    • To support the individual in creating meaningful goals
    • Provide regular positive and constructive feedback on the areas of development being covered by coaching
    • To allow the individual to take time for coaching sessions and any required preparation
    • Respect the confidentiality of the process, not asking for information from either individual or coach about the details of the sessions
    • To attend any three way coaching sessions if required

This page was published on 19 March 2019