Meet the Coaching Network

I’m a formally accredited coach, can I join the coaching network?

Yes, we are looking to grow our internal coaching network. To request to join the coaching network please complete the coaching request form. After this, we will then add you to our network of available coaches.

Who are the coaching network?

Please don’t contact the coaching network directly for coaching, for requests please use the coaching request form.

Monika Foster 

Monika has worked in higher education for nearly 30 years, in international and diverse settings. She has been coaching since 2014 and has experience coaching individuals in the industry and externally as well as in academia.  Monika is value and goal driven in her approach and uses challenge to push you to achieve your goals.


Natalie Stouph 
Natalie is experienced in coaching and mentoring managers, staff and students both formally and informally. The main body of her experience is coaching managers to increase their performance and confidence in managing teams and projects as well as coaching individuals to navigate change. Natalie is a very action oriented person and throughout the coaching process encourages her coachees to set actions for themselves to take forward.


Sophia Grainger 
Sophia has been involved in coaching and mentoring with managers and employees, both formally and informally, she is experienced in coaching for performance. Career development coaching is an area of personal interest.  Sophia is people focussed, positive, and keen to support others develop and grow.  


Jane Bell 
Jane has coached within in the private and public sector, coaching many different individuals, leaders and executives. Jane’s coaching style is goals and values oriented, her approach is very pragmatic. Jane likes to use unusual conversations to reframe your unconscious thinking. Jane also brings experience in Neuro Linguistic coaching.  


Guy Tucker 
Guy has coached both within his career in the NHS and within higher education. An area of coaching interest for Guy is change management and service re-design using a coaching ethos. Guy’s coaching style to work with you to provide support and enable you to reflect to move forward with your coaching goals.  


Justine Gillespie 
Throughout Justine’s career she have been involved in coaching and mentoring with managers and employees, both formally and informally. Justine describes coaching as a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus improving performance, she believes that it can transform relationships. Justine’s coaching style is to ask difficult questions and hold a mirror up to you in order for you to reflect on your own style and behaviours, creating insights and action for change, doing so in safe and supportive way.  


Karen Giles 
Karen has coached both within her career in the NHS and within higher education both formally and informally. Karen’s coaching style is supportive, facilitative and reflective, using positive challenge to empower you. Karen will help you to explore your self-limiting beliefs at a pace that you are comfortable with.  



This page was published on 4 December 2019