Developing as a team

The Excellence Through Our People Strategy outlines an expectation that all staff will understand how you and your team contribute to the success of the University. We realise that sometimes our teams will need a bit of support in working together. 

Maybe you are a newly formed team and want to get to know each other better or a new line manager wanting to get to know your team. Perhaps you are a line manager who wants to help your team to build skills in communication and collaboration. Or perhaps team development is about having some time out to focus on objectives and priorities over the short, medium or long term and celebrate successes over the previous year. 

Options for developing your team

Professionals talking

Examples of team development activity are:

  • New Manager Question Time
  • Tuckmans team development
  • Faculty/Service away days
  • Team/department away days

Bespoke team development activities are put in place in conjunction with Human Resources; speak to your HR Manager to find out more.

This page was published on 7 May 2019