Equality and Diversity Training

We offer a range of development workshops to equip you with knowledge and skills of the principles of Equality and Diversity. The Equality and Diversity training programme aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the diverse staff and student group within the University and the importance of being inclusive and fair to all
  • Enable managers to create a positive and inclusive working environment for their teams
  • Offer specific training targeted at certain job roles
  • Ensure the principles of Equality and Diversity are embedded within all training programmes offered by the University

Below you can find information about the following types of Equality and Diversity development activity:

Cultural Awareness

Unconscious Bias

Equality and Diversity online

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity

Cultural Awareness

Our University community of staff and students is very culturally diverse. Cultural Awareness development options aim to create an awareness of the range of cultures represented in the University by staff and students.

We recognise that staff are experienced in communicating across cultures and therefore we are working to enhance and refresh current knowledge and skills. Learning outcomes include:

  • Who are our diverse range of staff and students, consideration of race, faith and beliefs
  • Communicating and perception, how values affect interpretation
  • Dignity and respect - accepting each other values and differences
  • Adapting practises to ensure inclusion
  • Sharing experiences, learning from experiences

We are also currently developing a training workshop for staff who work internationally.

To register interest in attending Cultural Awareness development please email staff.development@sunderland.ac.uk

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias happens automatically, without conscious control, when our brains make quick judgements or assessments about people and situations (ECU: 2013 Unconscious Bias in Higher Education). It is influenced by our:

  • Background
  • Cultural environment
  • Personal experience

You may have come across Unconscious Bias in some of our workshops, including People Management and Cultural Awareness. However, we have also held a number of Unconscious Bias Workshops, delivered by Perspicuous, for staff who wanted to know more about the concept. Feedback from these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive, with staff commenting it was a ‘great session, really engaging’ and ‘it challenged in a way that [you] might experience in the workplace’.

To register your interest in attending future Unconscious Bias workshops please email staff.development@sunderland.ac.uk.

Equality and Diversity Online

We have created an e-learning module, the to raise awareness of all staff of the principles of equality and diversity, and to help create a consistent approach to inclusivity across the University.

The module is designed to be used flexibly so you can access the information as and when you need to. If you are an academic member of staff we have also added a specific section in for you.

The module is accessed via Sunspace. To gain access to the module please email staff.development@sunderland.ac.uk providing your University User ID and email address

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity

The NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity is a distance learning course. It helps you to identify the basic rights people should have access to and the shared values people have. It also explores the responsibility each person and organisation has in ensuring barriers to participation in society are removed. 

This qualification is particularly recommended to staff who work in job roles that are student facing. Completion is within a 12 week timeframe.

You would need to agree with your line manager how you will complete the qualification within a mix of work and own time.

For further information contact staff.development@sunderland.ac.uk

This page was published on 7 May 2019