Leading and Managing

The Excellence Through Our People Strategy commits to a University wide leadership approach that inspires and navigates change.

What are the expectations of me as a manager?

We aim to have high quality leadership and management capability and ask our managers and Team Leaders to be:-

  • Positive role models
  • Supportive of staff to help them reach the highest possible standards in their work
  • Promote collaboration, teamwork, innovation, flexibility and skills development
  • Align team values with University aims
  • Lead, guide and encourage teams to achieve results   

If you are a leader or manager or aspire to work in a leadership job role in future, you may be able to access the University leadership development programme.

If you can’t find the course you are looking for or would like to arrange development for your team please contact us.

Leadership Development Programme

Please open the attached link below to see the development opportunities available to you as a leader or manager within the University.  The development options are designed to improve your confidence and build both your capacity and capability.

Leadership Development Framework

Your job role, level of responsibility, previous knowledge and qualifications gained will impact on what development you must attend and what you would like to access for your own personal development. It’s your leadership development, your way.

There are a range of internal development opportunities such as digital learning, face to face workshops and formal qualifications. If you feel you need more individualised support we also have coaching or mentoring opportunities available.

Before you apply to attend any of the Leadership development options, please discuss and agree with your line manager, which option(s) is most appropriate.


This page was published on 18 September 2019