Excellence Through Our Managers

The Excellence through Our People Strategy commits to a University wide leadership approach that inspires and navigates change. Therefore, we have developed a new opportunity for current line managers at the first line level to build upon their skill, knowledge and confidence.

A number of our existing staff have successfully completed staff development apprenticeship programmes, and so we are expanding our leadership apprenticeship offer further. Leadership development at level 5 and 7 is offered through our UoS programmes, as a level 3 programme doesn’t exist internally at the current time, we have partnered with Gateshead College to deliver a Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship to a cohort of UoS first line managers/supervisors, commencing October 2019.

Who is the programme aimed at?

This programme is identified as being beneficial for first line managers or supervisors recently in post or who may benefit from further support.


What behaviours are we looking for in applicants?

  • Demonstrates the University of Sunderland values
  • Self-motivated
  • Committed to their own development
  • Enthusiastic
  • Is collaborative and willing to share experiences
  • Good communicator
  • Able to prioritise
  • Good attitude/approach to study

What will you learn?

This programme develops your skills and knowledge in core elements of line management, incorporating both people and procedural elements. By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Understand different leadership styles and the benefits of coaching to support people and improve performance. Understand organisational cultures, equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Understand people and team management models, including team dynamics and motivation techniques. Understand HR systems and legal requirements, and performance management techniques including setting goals and objectives, conducting appraisals, reviewing performance, absence management, providing constructive feedback, and recognising achievement and good behaviour.
  • Understand approaches to customer and stakeholder relationship management, including emotional intelligence and managing conflict.
  • Understand how organisational strategy is developed. Know how to implement operational/team plans and manage resources and approaches to managing change within the team.
  • Understand organisational governance and compliance, and how to deliver Value for Money. Know how to monitor budgets to ensure efficiencies and that costs do not overrun.
  • Able to communicate organisation strategy and team purpose, and adapt style to suit the audience. Support the development of the team and people through coaching, role modelling values and behaviours, and managing change effectively
  • Able to organise, manage resources and risk, and monitor progress to deliver against the project plan. Ability to use relevant project management tools, and take corrective action to ensure successful project delivery.

How will you learn?

There is also the opportunity to visit other businesses to understand how they operate such as Nissan, The Sage and BBC. There will also be guest speakers from companies such as Brewin Dolphin.

What’s the time commitment and when will it commence?

The apprenticeship takes typically up to 15 months to complete. There is a time commitment to completing the apprenticeship, both inside and outside of work, and if you apply you should be fully committed and aware of this expectation. This includes assignments, research and projects to complete during the working week (accounting towards 20% off the job).

We are looking for the cohort to commence approx. November 2019


As we are currently within the appraisal cycle, we encourage you to have discussions at appraisal with your line manager regarding the programme, as an option to support your professional development.

If you are interested in applying you must complete an application form, gaining support from your line manager and Director which can be found HERE. Your application form will then be reviewed by a range of representatives for consistency.  

Deadlines for applications to be returned is: Friday 4th October 2019


Further Questions?

This is a fantastic opportunity to improve the excellence of our managers throughout the University. Any further queries regarding this programme please contact Sophia Grainger, Organisation & Staff Development Coordinator.

This page was published on 18 September 2019