Staff Development Apprenticeships

Some staff development programmes may be available as Staff Development Apprenticeships.

A Staff Development Apprenticeship is a formal training programme linked to an existing national Apprenticeship Standard. If you are an existing member of staff, you are not classed as an Apprentice when undertaking this route, you are simply undertaking a formal training programme to achieve a qualification that also leads to achievement of an apprenticeship standard.

Staff Development Apprenticeships are delivered by an approved Apprenticeship Provider and will involve 20% of your working time, for the duration of the apprenticeship programme, being off the job undertaking study and learning. The structure of an apprenticeship training programme varies depending on the nature of the apprenticeship, the structure will be agreed between you, the provider and the University. Possible structure may include face to face workshops off or onsite, e-learning or completion of a portfolio.

Staff Development Apprenticeships in Practice

“We currently have 6 members of the maintenance team who are undertaking degree/higher apprenticeships who work in various roles.  With regards to the 20% off the job learning we have managed this in the Estates department via clear communication with the team and others who may potentially be impacted during these staff being off site and with the agreement that those who are on a development day (20%) may still be contactable in the event any urgent information/action being required.  Some of the development apprenticeships being undertaken allow for distance learning with regards to the 20% off the job allowing a degree of flexibility with regards to the days selected for their development, this allows for easier management depending on requirements.  With regards to those on set development days we have been fortunate that those days have generally fallen on different days of the week’s allowing us to ensure adequate support is in place, however if these were to all fall on the same day I/We would need to look at procedures to reduce and possible/potential issues.

The initial 20% off the job should not be considered as detrimental and should be considered as an opportunity with longer term benefits as we are engaging, developing and enhancing staff, improving morale with the long term aim of enhancing current skill sets and develop for future opportunities to employees.”Chris Watkinson, Estates Maintenance Manager

 “For my apprenticeship, the 20% off the job training comprised of a mixture of block release and self-study time.  Block release was planned in advance, allowing for my normal workload to be planned in around – in the same way that I would for annual leave (although without coming back to masses of emails because I was still picking these up).  The remainder of the 20% was down to me, with the support of my line manager, to schedule.  As my apprenticeship was 100% related to my job role, fitting in time to compile my portfolio from work-based evidence was really easy.  My line manager has even commented that the apprenticeship has not affected my ability to take on the work required.” – Jody Duckett, Project Manager.

Funding for an apprenticeship programme is accessed via drawdown of available apprenticeship levy funds. To apply for a Staff Development Apprenticeship, please discuss with your line manager in the first instance, before making an application to Human Resources. Further information about the subsequent application process can be gained via contacting

This page was published on 10 October 2019