Support for Staff Undertaking Qualifications

Study for a qualification is one option University staff can undertake as part of their professional development. We are committed to supporting and sponsoring, study for qualifications where appropriate.

Qualifications that staff may be eligible to undertake include: Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate qualifications, PhD and Doctoral study, Professional qualifications leading to professional recognition including PG Cert in Academic Practice, Apprenticeships and other vocational qualifications.

How do I apply for support?


All applications for support to undertake study for qualifications will be managed in accordance with the Support for Staff Undertaking Qualifications Policy.  Please read this policy before submitting your aplication form.

Complete and submit an application to Human Resources by completing an application form. Once you have completed your section, the form will be sent to your line manager and then your Academic Dean/Director for final approval.

Your application will be considered by the University Staff Qualifications Panel. The purpose of the panel is to ensure fairness and consistency when considering requests for support, it convenes approximately every 3 months to review all applications. Outcomes of the applications, will be communicated to staff after the panel, and include details of next steps in the process if an application is supported.

Dates of panels this academic year are:

Panel Date: Deadline Date: 
22nd April 2020 8th April 2020

 If you wish to submit an application for either of the remaining dates but the deadline to the education provider is before the panel date please contact Human Resources at for more information.

Please see the full process mapped out here - Process Map for Staff Qualification Aplications .

Appeals process - Staff Qualifications - Appeals Process


This page was published on 24 February 2020