Using your learning

It is really important to put your learning into practise, and to start this process as soon as possible.

Plan - Do - Review


How you will use your learning, for example is it carrying out tasks differently or advising someone on the basis of new knowledge?

Is your learning to be disseminated to anyone else? You may have local arrangements such as giving a briefing or presentation to other colleagues on what you have learnt.


Implement your plan, this may be in stages


At regular intervals reflect on the impact of implementing your learning. Review if more learning is required. Also think about how you learnt and was the chosen development activity the right choice for how you learn best?

Use the opportunity at 1:1 meetings and your appraisal meeting to discuss with your manager what you have learnt and how you have used this learning. Ask for their feedback on any improvements they have seen in how you carry out your job.

This page was published on 7 May 2019