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Team Sunderland - Code of Conduct


The objective of a set code of conduct is to ensure that all clubs adhere to the same set of rules to ensure a fair and equal all round sporting environment in and outside of the university.

Code of Conduct

  • Respect must be shown to both home and away team players, coaches, the university and external sports grounds (this includes changing/dressing rooms)
  • Respect referees/officials decisions at all times
  • Players/participants must turn up to training and matches on time
  • Players/ participants must attend training unless they have a valid excuse (coaches can decide within reason whether they feel the excuse given is valid)
  • Playing kit/equipment must be presentable for all games/competitions (clean and tidy)
  • NO smoking before or during training and matches/competitions and also in and around training and match/competition venues
  • NO drinking alcohol the night before a game/competition. If a participant turns up to a game/competition with signs of a hangover or smell of alcohol, they will not be able to take part. Drinking alcohol on the bus back from fixtures is also banned.
  • Initiations are forbidden. If your club is found to have initiated members there will be serious consequences. Please refer to the initiations and social events policy attached of Sport initiations policy.pdf
  • Litter must be cleared away from all venues home and away, off all busses and also on return to the university. Bags of rubbish must not be left beside the bin at the back of CitySpace when getting off busses all litter must go inside the bin, if it doesn’t fit take it away and dispose of it elsewhere!
  • Kits must be returned to the drop off point on return from all games home and away. No excuses!
  • Bullying will not be tolerated. Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person which results in pain and distress for the victim. Bullying can be emotional, physical, racist, sexual, homophobic and verbal; none of these will be accepted.
  • All Club members will be treated fairly and with respect and the club will be equally accessible to all
  • No alteration of the club rules shall be affective without written approval by the Institute of Sports

Club Membership

  • Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, religion or other beliefs
  • The club may have different classes of membership on a non-discriminatory and fair basis
  • Team Sunderland may refuse membership only for good cause such as conduct of character likely to bring the sport or club to disrepute. Appeal against refusal may be made by members
  • An annual membership fee will be paid by each member wishing to participate in both training and game/competition for their club.
  • A member who stands down or leaves the club shall not be entitled to claim back any of their membership fee previously paid to the institute of sport.

Club Committee

  • The club committee shall consist of the following club officers at a minimum: President, Vice President and Club Captain.
  • As club committee you must hold at least one meeting per term and give notes and feedback discussed to the institute of sport.


On match days please ensure that everyone who is representing your club is appropriately dressed in your chose Team Sunderland attire.


For information regarding the student Disciplinary regulations please click on link below

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