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Open times: Sports Office Mon – Fri 9am-5pm / CitySpace Mon – Fri 7am-10pm Sat – Sun 9am-8pm

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet kune do, the way of the intercepting fist, is a martial art, developed by Bruce Less. Jeet kune do training covers the practicality of martial art application, for self defence.

The techniques and concepts, that are the foundation of jeet kune do, develop the attributes, attitude and technical skill, allowing the individual, to honestly express themselves. Sifu Ian Andrews, is a qualified Jeet Kune Do instructor, Filipino Kali instructor, and Russian Sambo instructor with over 40 years experience and will guide you on your jeet kune do journey.

Training Details

Time: Sunday 2pm – 4pm and Wednesday 7pm – 9pm

Location: CitySpace

Membership cost: £45

You can contact the Jeet Kune Do Club through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jeetkunedosunderland


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