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2) Course
3) Sporting Details
4) Performance level
5) References

Personal Details

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Details of University of Sunderland courses applied for

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Sporting Details

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Performance Level

Level TICK Supplementary Information e.g age group, event/international attended and in what year(s), number of times selected.
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Senior Inter Provinical
Senior International (NI/IRE/GB)
Commonwealth Games/Championships
World/European Championships
Olympic/Paralympic Games
What do you consider to be your most outstanding sporting performance in the last 18 months (please provide details of result, times, distances, scores etc. as appropriate). *
Please provide details of your sporting goals *
Please provide details of how you would benefit from accessing support services on entry to Sunderland *
What level of contribution and commitment are you willing to make to sport at the University of Sunderland? *

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Please provide details of two people qualified and willing to act as a referee e.g. Club Official, Coach, Manager, Teacher or governing body representative.
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I certify that the information that I have stated on this Application Form is correct. I understand that the University, at its discretion, may withdraw any offer of a place made under the conditions of the Talented Athlete Entry Scheme (and prior to my registration on a course of study), where information so stated is subsequently found to be incorrect or misleading. In addition, where information is found to be incorrect or misleading after I have registered on a course of study and where I would not otherwise have been eligible for entry to that course, I understand that the University may consider discontinuing my studies.
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