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Employability and Enterprise Hub

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Employability and enterprise support

At the heart of every University of Sunderland student lies the Sunderland Spark – a unique blend of talent, ambition, and potential that sets them apart. The Centre for Graduate Prospects (CfGP) is dedicated to recognising that inherent spark and nurturing it. Our mission is to fan the flames of opportunity, ensuring that this special spark not only shines but thrives in the competitive world beyond the campus.  Whether you’re stepping into your career, seeking further education, or igniting entrepreneurial endeavours, the CfGP is here to support you.

Student support

Dive into our tailored support just for you, ensuring that the brilliance you are demonstrating here at university continues to shine brightly in your chosen career path.

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Graduate support

Access bespoke, graduate support to help you excel in your chosen career. Sign up and gain access to the Employability and Enterprise Hub.

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Business and community partnerships

Partner with the University of Sunderland to access outstanding graduate talent. Engage in mentoring, attend fairs, deliver live-briefs, work in-programme and advertise opportunities. Discover how our students can empower your business's growth.

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Start-up support

Whether you have a concept to test or an idea ready to soar, the Entrepreneurial Development Team provides an environment for a full year to hone, nurture, and launch your entrepreneurial ambitions.

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