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The University is proud to be an employer of choice.  We were named as one of Top 5 universities in the Times Higher Best University Workplace survey in both 2013 and 2014 and have been recognised in a variety of surveys and awards.

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As well as our generous benefits and flexible working opportunities, we offer the opportunity to deliver a public service within higher education, contributing to our excellent student experience and working in a stimulating campus environment.

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What our staff say

Don't just take our word for it.  In our most recent Staff Survey, 90% of staff said that they were proud to work for the institution and 92% said they would recommend us to a friend as a place to work.

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This page was published on 9 August 2018

Peter Scott - Head of Faculty Operations, Faculty of Arts, Design and Media

Peter has been able to complement his hands on experience with formal training courses such as the University's Middle Management programme which he completed in 2010. Peter has also been given the opportunity to network with staff from other HE institutions through membership of the Association of University Administrators, sharing knowledge and ideas with colleagues in other universities in the UK and abroad. He says, "I have worked for the University for over 25 years. I have worked in a variety of Faculty roles: my current role is Head of Faculty Operations where I manage over 50 staff and oversee various Faculty processes and facilities. I work with some fantastic colleagues who are totally focused on supporting students. I have had the good fortune to have worked with some great colleagues who have inspired me with their knowledge, talent and creativity, along with enthusiasm and passion for the Faculty and University. I love the buzz of working in a Faculty and getting involved in initiatives to improve the student experience."

Helen Telford, Chartered MCIPD - HR Manager

"The University is a very diverse organisation. This has meant I’ve been able to develop on a professional level; that will help me further my career. I enjoy working with professional colleagues who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of our students. I work part time which means I can balance my professional and personal life in a way that I get the best from both."

Angie & Tish Findlay - Domestic Assistants, Facilities

Twins Angie and Tish Findlay began working for the University in April 2001. Both passed the NVQ, and work at the David Puttnam Media Centre. They work the 6am-9am shift - but sometimes work overtime, starting as early as 4am! "You get used to the early mornings after a while," said Tish. "We both live in Carley Hill, which is very handy for St Peter's," adds Angie, "and we both love our jobs."

Trish McCormick - Domestic Assistant, Facilities

Domestic Trish has worked at the University since 2006, based at City Campus, working weekdays 7am-10am. As well as helping her out in her work here, the NVQ also helped Trish land a second job. "I think now people are starting to expect you to have a qualification when you apply for a cleaning job. It's not just about picking up a cloth and cleaning - you need to understand health and safety and how to handle dangerous chemicals. I'd like to move up to being a supervisor one day, and I hope I'll be able to do further study. But I do enjoy cleaning. It is very satisfying - right up to the moment students show up and mess it all up again!"

Donna Chambers - Reader in Tourism, Faculty of Business and Law

"I have been working at the University since October 2013. I like that the University engages with its external community and the fact that there are always events and opportunities to participate in University and external activities. The thing I enjoy the most about my job is the flexibility of it and the opportunity of making a positive change in the lives of students and a contributing to their further development and success."

Louisa Lertas-Davies - Training & Development Officer, Facilities

"The University is the best employer I have worked for. Excellent working conditions, good career development opportunities and a fair working environment. My role has been varied and developed over the 10 years I have been here and I envisage it will continue to do so. It is great to be a part of such a large and diverse employer."

Scott Miller, Learning Technology Manager, Student and Learning Support

"It is my privilege to support learning technology at The University. I work with people more than IT systems and it is very rewarding to know that my team and I underpin The University’s ability to change lives. ‘Life Changing’ is more than a marketing slogan: Though learning technology, students engage with their studies and the academic community, then become digitally aware graduates with a very bright future."

James Walsh, Faculty Placements Manager, Faculty of Education & Society

“Forget the clichés about tweed jackets and sandals, working at the University of Sunderland puts you in a position where progression and innovation are actively encouraged; where staff and students are cared for in equal measure; and it’s why we’re proud to work here.”

Lucy Marriott - Senior Lecturer Languages (EAP), Faculty of Education & Society

"I like working at the University of Sunderland because it's a very inclusive environment within which to work, people are friendly and supportive towards each other which creates a very positive atmosphere and makes working here enjoyable."

Amanda Watson – Head of Strategic Planning & Student Administration

"The University’s brand is “Life Changing”, this is my experience of working at the University. The development and training opportunities offered at the University has allowed me to grow professionally over the years. The staff survey provides a fair representation of staff views and has positive results in that 89% of staff are highly motivated. A supportive employer where once you arrive you won’t want to leave!"

Tony Kerr - Internal Communications Officer, Marketing and Recruitment Services

"The University of Sunderland literally changed my life. I never considered coming to university when I was a kid - I didn't even know working class people could go to university! - but coming to Sunderland really gave me confidence in my own ability. I really believe in what the University stands for, and I think I owe it a lot - so while they continue to change people's lives, I'll continue to work for them". He adds "the University is a great place to work, with lots of benefits, but my main reason for working here is the people. I have rarely come across anyone who is not passionate and committed to what they do. People work here because they really believe in the University's ethos - and I think that is a very rare thing". With regards to his future Tony states "I want to make our internal communications the best in the world - I literally believe that our passionate, inspirational staff are producing students who are changing the world for the better, and I want to keep reminding them of that".

Mary Skinner – Domestic Assistant, Facilities

Mary has worked the University since 1996. She has been based at the Sir Tom Cowie Campus as a Domestic all of that time - almost as long as the riverside campus has been open. She works 6am-9am every weekday morning. As well as studying for her NVQ Mary also received an additional award - making her officially Sunderland's top cleaner! "People do sometimes think - well, it's only cleaning - but there's a lot more to it than that. I love my job and I'm very proud of where I work. The qualification made me a lot more aware of what is going on around me, and really helped refresh my skills."

Kate Graham - Senior Administration Assistant, Faculty of Education and Society

"The University has an enjoyable working environment and provides excellent quality training and education to staff. Since the birth of my son, the University has strived to help me achieve a work-life balance, allowing me to change my working hours to accommodate more time at home. There are many other staff benefits available, including social events, childcare and discounted travel to name a few. Whilst presently comfortable in my current role, I am confident that further opportunities will arise at the University, creating further challenges that will suit me in the future."

Catherine Winn - Business Support Manager, Facilities

"I have worked at the University for over 20 years now and it’s good to be able to say that it still makes me feel proud to tell someone where I work. I cannot fault the opportunities that have been made available to me as a staff member in both my personal and professional development. Our culture is supportive and inclusive, where every member of staff has the opportunity to voice their opinions, and to have an input. I would highly recommend the University of Sunderland as an employer of choice."