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How to find your timetable

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You can get a copy of your personalised teaching timetable online or via the University of Sunderland Mobile App.

Students can access their personal timetable via MyTimetable.  Please read the student user guide before logging into MyTimetable by clicking here.

The link for MyTimetable is : https://timetable.sunderland.ac.uk/ for both Sunderland and London Campus students

Accessing your timetable using the University of Sunderland App

You can download the App now via the following link:

Login using your university login and password

Any problems accessing or understanding your timetable

Please contact us using the relevant email address below providing your full name and student number:

Sunderland Campus Students: timetable@sunderland.ac.uk 

London Campus Students: timetabling.london@sunderland.ac.uk

Important Note: You should check your timetable on a regular basis for any possible changes.