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Student Pregnancy and Maternity

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The University believes that pregnancy or maternity should not hinder a student successfully completing a programme of study.  The University is committed to being as flexible as possible, whilst ensuring that any accommodations made for the student do not compromise academic standards, or the University’s duties and obligations in respect of health and safety or the safeguarding of children. This document provides both students and staff with information about the support that the University of Sunderland (at either its Sunderland or London campuses) can offer to a student (or where relevant, her partner) who thinks she may be pregnant; has recently given birth; has recently experienced stillbirth or miscarriage; or has terminated a pregnancy. It also provides some information relating to supporting a student (whether female or male) who has recently become a parent (including through adoption) or is the partner of someone who has a very young child (defined as children who are under the age of six months, or who are breastfeeding). Where appropriate and/or relevant, references below to the mother may also be taken as referring to the partner.