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Health and Safety

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Health and Safety at the University is everyone’s responsibility and that includes you, our students. We have invested in our facilities to make this a safe and enjoyable environment for us all, please treat this with respect and report any defects you see to a member of staff. If you witness or have an accident whilst on University premises this should also be reported to a member of staff.

More specific details about your responsibilities can be found within the University Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Fire Safety

University buildings are protected by comprehensive automatic fire detection systems for the safety of us all. Unwanted fire activations cause disruption to the learning environment which require us to evacuate buildings for non life threatening situations where the fire alarm has been triggered by cooking fumes, steam from showers, aerosols or other activity which generates airborne particles.  Please help us to eliminate the unwanted fire alarms during your time with us by applying aerosols away from the detector and in a well-ventilated area, closing the bathroom doors when showering and using the extractor fan to remove excessive steam, ensuring the kitchen door is closed at all times when cooking and NEVER leaving cooking unattended, open the window for ventilation.