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The University’s Equality and Diversity Statement

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The University of Sunderland values and celebrates the diversity of all its students and staff. Through our policies and practices we work to ensure that all students and staff are welcome in our community and do not face discrimination with regard to any aspect of their identity, such as age, disability, gender (including gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy and maternity), ethnicity (including race, colour or nationality), religion or belief (including non-belief) or sexual orientation.

The University is committed to providing a positive work and study experience for all our employees and students, which includes a zero tolerance approach to harassment and sexual misconduct. All university employees and students are entitled to enjoy a safe and positive experience at university.

We are committed to fostering a stimulating, supportive and inclusive learning and working environment that is free from harassment and sexual misconduct. We aim to create a culture of mutual respect and support for diversity, underpinned by mutual respect and trust where all students and staff are able to achieve to their full potential.

We believe that everyone is entitled to work and study in a supportive environment that values and promotes personal dignity. The university is committed to creating and maintaining a positive work and study environment for all members of its community, and as such, it takes all reports of harassment and sexual misconduct extremely seriously.

We are an international and multicultural community, which values and encourages diversity.  As a public body, the University has a particular responsibility to promote race equality.   There is no place for racism or racial harassment of any kind at our university. We will continue to emphasise our values of inclusion and respect, and to take tangible actions to create an inclusive and supportive University community.

General information: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the University

Statement of Commitment: Preventing and responding to harrassment and sexual misconduct.

We want you to feel safe at the University so if you are subject to any hate crime, harassment and violence then you can report it here.