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Support to Study

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The University is committed to supporting all students to fulfil their potential. Equally the University expects its students to be able to live and work with others and to conduct themselves in ways which do not have an adverse impact on other members of the University and the local community. The Support to Study Policy and the accompanying procedures are designed to outline the processes that the University will follow in instances where this ability is in doubt and/or associated levels of risk are unacceptable. This may be as a result of a student’s extended absence, health condition, wellbeing concern or other circumstances that lead to an inability to progress in their programme, or that adversely affect others.

In such cases the University will take reasonable steps to help and support the student. There may though come a point when it is apparent that in the interests of the students own health and welfare, or those of other students and staff, it is not appropriate for the student to continue with his or her studies, and this is also covered in this Policy.